Project Partners

Climeworks AG
Climeworks AG is the leading partner within the project and responsible for design, construction and operation of the DAC plant. Climeworks was founded at the end of 2009 as a spin-off company of ETH Zurich and has since then developed its proprietary technology from laboratory to industrial scale. In late 2014 Climeworks announced the commissioning of an industrial scale CO2 capture unit – called ‘CO2 Collector’ – with a capacity of capturing 50 tons CO2 per year. Since then the CO2 Collector has proven to operate successfully, thus standing for the final developmental step of Climeworks’ technology. Commercial plants will be built from units of the same size in a modular way to meet the customers’ individual requirements.

 Kehrichtverwertung Zürcher Oberland
KEZO was founded in 1961 and in the last 50 years has developed towards an efficient and sustainable waste incineration facility. The core task of KEZO is to operate an integral waste management, which includes environmentally friendly combustion of otherwise not recyclable waste and best possible treatment of combustion residues before the disposal. By supporting waste prevention and reduction, as well as the separation of waste, KEZO underlines its striving towards sustainable recycling. The waste incineration plant generates electricity, process heat and district heating for the local community including the neighboring greenhouse of Gebrüder Meier. Within the project KEZO supplies the energy required to operate the DAC plant. Almost 90 percent of the energy demand can be supplied in the form of process heat, which in the case of waste incineration, has a renewable fraction of 50 percent. KEZO website

tl_files/climeworks/images/content/Logo_gebruedermeier.gifGebrüder Meier
Gebrüder Meier is a family owned vegetable growing company producing various types of greens on 90 hectares of cultivation area both outdoors and in greenhouses. In 2009, the first carbon neutral greenhouse went into operation in Hinwil. Covering an area of 40,000 m² the brothers grow cucumbers, eggplant and cherry tomatoes in summer and various types of lettuce in winter. The heating for the greenhouse in Hinwil is supplied from the neighboring waste incineration plant KEZO. Within the project Gebrüder Meier is the CO2 customer. The air captured CO2 is sold to the greenhouse operator and is then used for maintaining sufficiently high CO2 levels in the greenhouse for enhancing the growth of tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce. Gebrüder Meier website

tl_files/climeworks/images/content/Logo_BFE.pngSwiss Federal Office of Energy - SFOE
The SFOE is the country's competence center for issues relating to energy supply and energy use at the Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications (DETEC). Among other things the SFOE promotes and coordinates national energy research and supports the development of new markets for sustainable energy use and supply. The SFOE supports the project within the framework of its pilot and demonstration program. SFOE website