Climeworks CO2 Capture Plant

Illustration of a Climeworks CO2 capture plant

Climeworks CO2 capture plants feature a modular design and the capacity is scalable in multiples of 35 kg per hour (300 metric tons per year). Individual modules consist of six Climeworks CO2 Collectors which are fitted into a standard 40-foot container. Climeworks CO2 capture plants are fully automated, controlled via key panel and touch screen display and are suitable for autonomous 24/7 operation. Contact us to learn more about CO2 capture plants. 

Technical Specifications:

  • CO2 capacity (nominal):  
35 kg per hour up to several tons per hour
  • CO2 purity:
> 99.9 %
  • Thermal energy demand:
1’500 – 2’000 kWh per ton of CO2 at 100 °C
  • Electricity demand:
200 - 300 kWh per ton of CO2
  • Modules: 
Filter modules, fitted into standard 40-foot containers
Control module (one 40-foot container)
  • Control:
Fully automated via industrial PLC controller;
remote monitoring and maintenance via internet connection
to the Climeworks maintenance serviceoptionally available
  • Conformity:
Conformity according to 2006/42/EC (machinery directive);
declaration of conformity and CE marking included
  • Origin:
Developed and assembled in Switzerland


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