Climeworks CO2 Capture Demonstrator

Climeworks Demonstrator

The Climeworks Demonstrator is a stand-alone mobile CO2 capture device extracting 8 kg CO2 from ambient air per day. It is designed for demonstration and test purposes and is suitable for autonomous 24/7 operation. The Demonstrator is fully automated and operated via key panel and touch screen display. Contact us to learn more about demonstration opportunities.

Technical Specifications:

  • CO2 capacity (nominal):  
8 kg per day (cyclic delivery in 5 batches per day)
  • CO2 purity:
> 99 %
  • Modules:
Filter module
Control module
Thermostat (optionally replaced by on-site heat source,
e.g. waste heat) 
  • Control:
Fully automated via industrial PLC controller;
remote monitoring and maintenance via internet connection
to the Climeworks maintenance service optionally available
  • Conformity:
Conformity according to 2006/42/EC (machinery directive);
declaration of conformity and CE marking included
  • Origin:
Developed and assembled in Switzerland