CO2 Fertilization in Greenhouses

CO2 is injected into greenhouses to keep the indoor CO2 concentration constant, which increases the crop yield by up to 30 %. Today’s common CO2 sources include the flue gas of a natural gas fired boiler or liquefied industrial CO2 which is stored on-site in a high pressure tank.

Climeworks offers a new attractive method of supplying CO2 for greenhouse fertilization. The Climeworks CO2 capture plant can be located directly next to the greenhouse and supply CO2 continuously from the atmosphere without logistics involved. The only inputs required are air and heat at 100 °C. The application of Climeworks CO2 capture plants is especially interesting for sites with access to waste heat.

A Climeworks CO2 capture plant also complements your existing natural gas CO2 fertilization infrastructure. Per ton of CO2 supplied by Climeworks about 1'500 - 2’000 kWh heat at 100 °C are required. In contrast, per ton CO2 supplied from burning natural gas – either by a natural gas burner or combined heat and power plant – 5’555 kWh natural gas are needed. Therefore, a Climeworks CO2 capture plant offers fuel saving potential during months where CO2 demand is high but heat requirement is low.