Scope & Objective

Pioneering Feat - Within the project Climeworks will design, construct, and operate the world's first industrial scale CO2 capture plant which will for the first time sell high purity atmospheric CO2 to a customer.

Technology Transfer - The project is a crucial milestone in supporting Climeworks’ vision to close the carbon cycle due to the fact that it allows a technology transfer from a novel technology originally developed at ETH Zurich and EMPA for industrial application.

Performance Data - Scientific literature discusses energy and material consumption as well as cost of DAC systems with large discrepancy. This project will deliver reliable mass and energy balances as well as economic data as basis for further Climeworks systems on industrial scale. 


The plant will be installed at the waste incineration facility of KEZO, in Hinwil (Canton of Zurich, Switzerland), which is subsequently powering the DAC plant with heat and electricity. Although the plant is installed on top of a waste incineration plant it will technically capture CO2 from the athmosphere rather than from the stack. Since capturing CO2 in general is an energy intensive process, an optimal site for commercial deployment features waste heat and proximity of CO2 utilization, which is given here. The high purity CO2 product is then delivered to a neighboring greenhouse operated by Gebrüder Meier. The gas is injected into the greenhouse atmosphere in order to enhance the growth of tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce by up to 20 percent.

Based on the results of this project Climeworks’ product will be further industrialized to eventually supply air-captured CO2 to Power-to-Gas / Power-to-Liquids technologies to efficiently store renewable electricity by producing synthetic fuels. These fuels, produced from atmospheric CO2, water, and renewable electricity are carbon-neutral and not in competition with food production for agriculture. Climeworks’ technology enables a closed carbon cycle, where CO2 emitted from any source or even the past can be captured and re-used for the production of carbon-neutral fuels. In the short-term Climeworks’ technology shall be used to supply CO2 for beverage companies, currently receiving their CO2 majorly as waste product from industry, in turn stemming from the combustion of fossil fuels.