Climeworks' unique carbon dioxide removal technology solution optimizes your sustainability strategy

If we want to limit global warming to 1.5°C, we need to reach net zero emissions by 2050. Businesses and organizations play an important role in this. To achieve your business' climate targets, two things need to be in place:

  1. A dedicated carbon reduction strategy
  2. A dedicated carbon removal strategy

Climeworks offers solutions for carbon removal strategies: we have more than ten years of experience in direct air capture of CO₂. Today, we use our experience to offer carbon dioxide removal as a service for your business. Leading companies already rely on us to achieve their climate targets.

Why work with Climeworks to achieve your goals?

Direct air capture is a form of carbon dioxide removal if its is combined with storage. Climeworks' direct air capture technology removes historic emissions form the air, which are then stored safely and permanently through natural underground mineralization.

With Climeworks, you can easily have emissions removed in your name. Our process can be measured precisely: you receive a carbon dioxide removal certificate that states exactly the amount of carbon dioxide removed.

Carbon dioxide removal is more than just preventing additional CO₂ from entering the atmosphere, like offsets or CO₂ reductions. It actively removes the already emitted CO₂ from the air and thus produces negative emissions.

A unique solution



Scientifically rigorous and transparent methods allow to exactly measure the amount of CO₂ removed from the air.



Our solution is scalable and resilient. We support you in implementing your climate roadmap as your long-term partner.



Our technology solution does not rely on arable land and thus does not compete with food production.



With Climeworks Carbon Dioxide Removal, CO₂ is removed from the air and stored permanently and safely.

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Our experts support you throughout

No matter if short-term or long-term - let's reach your organization's climate goals! Whether you want to remove unavoidable emissions from the air or go beyond net zero and become climate positive: we will support you every step of the way. The perfect removal strategy consists of a balanced portfolio of climate solutions. Our carbon dioxide removal experts will guide you through the process and help you find a turnkey, customized solution.

Our partners and customers share our vision



  • Purchase of > 300 tons of carbon dioxide removal
  • Helping to kickstart a large-scale market for carbon dioxide removal by scaling up meaningful negative emissions technologies
  • Creating a large-scale market for carbon dioxide removal
  • Helping to scale up meaningful negative emission solutions by being willing to pauchase at any price per ton
  • Purchasing 1000 tons of Climeworks carbon dioxide removal as one action to reach the company's climate goals
  • One of the early supporters of Climeworks' direct air capture technology

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