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The Climeworks solution allows you to physically remove your organization's past, present and future carbon dioxide emissions. We provide you access to our service and can start removing carbon dioxide for you immediately. Get in touch with our experts now.

Climeworks direct air capture machine

Why work with Climeworks to achieve your goals?

Complement your emissions reduction measures with our unique and science-based removal solutions to achieve your climate targets and make your business a climate pioneer.



Your customers expect transparent climate action. We can precisely measure how much carbon dioxide we remove from the air for your organisation.



Our solution is scalable and resilient. We support you in implementing your climate roadmap as your long-term partner.


Direct impact

We enable you and your customers an immediate and direct impact by removing carbon dioxide from the air permanently.


Science based

Without further ado we will create customized solutions for you that have a strong scientific backbone and empower you to reach your climate targets.

Our experts support you throughout

No matter if short-term or long-term - let's reach your organization's climate goals! Whether you want to remove unavoidable emissions from the air or go beyond net zero and become climate positive: we will support you every step of the way. Our carbon dioxide removal experts will guide you through the process and help you find a turnkey, customized solution. Together, we build a climate roadmap for you and support you in communicating it to your stakeholders.

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Our partners and customers share our vision

Robert Swan, Polar Explorer, 2041 Foundation
Robert Swan, Polar Explorer, 2041 Foundation
“Direct air capture technologies are one of the leading solutions for addressing our climate crisis. Companies like Climeworks are facilitating businesses and governments to achieve carbon neutrality goals.”


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